Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prospect Rankings: QB

1) Andre' Woodson

Rankings: 4th

ESPN:3rd 3rd

At 6'5" and 230 lbs, Woodson already posseses the protypical frame that one wants to see in a franchise QB. His mechanics are solid, and he has the athleticism to allow him to escape the rush. He has a strong arm, and is capable of making every throw an NFL offense will ask of him.

He did operate mainly out of the Shotgun while at Kentucky. If he misses the placement on a pass, it tends to be high. Doesn't operate well on timed, blind throws, like a Peyton or Brady does. He tends to be streaky as a passer.

Unlike other rankings, I'm very high on Woodson as a QB. I believe he's the best QB available in this draft. His combination of mobility, size, and arm strength reminds me of Donovan McNabb. I believe his stock will rise after he completes his combine workouts. Look for him to run in the 4.7s, and throw the ball very well.

2) Brian Brohm

Rankings: 3rd

ESPN: 2nd 2nd

Brohm is by far the most mechanically correct QB in the draft this year. He's extremely intellegent, and a hard worker, both on and off the field. Reads a defense extremely well. Gets the ball out quickly. Played in a pro style offense at Louisville.

Brohm's biggest problem is staying healthy, he's undergone surgery for a torn ACL, torn ligaments in his hand, and to repair his non-throwing shoulder. Outside of the questions about durability, the only issue with Brohm is that his physical atributes are simply "good enough", not excellent. At 6'3", he's tall enough, but it's nothing to write home about, and his arm strength is adequate, but it's not on the same level as some of the other elite QBs in this draft.

Brohm is a fairly safe prospect, injury issues aside. He's not going to redefine the quarterback position, but it's very unlikely he'll be unable to perform at a solid level. He's essentially Phillip Rivers with better form, and hopefully less mouthy.

3) Joe Flacco

Rankings: 2nd

ESPN: 5th 7th

Massive frame, at 6'6", 237 lbs. Phenominal arm strength. Exceptionally durable.Has all the physical tools you want in a pocket passer.

Largely unproven against top teir talent. Pretty much completely immobile. Forces passes a little too often. Needs to streamline his throwing motion.

Joe Flacco is going to be this years, "Where did he come from?" player. He'll grade out very well at the combine, and soon all the talking heads will be discussing him. He's very similar to Browns QB Derek Anderson. questions still remain about weather he'll be able to perform like Anderson, though. His last minute invitation to the Senior Bowl gives him an opportunity to really raise his stock, by proving he can play against high level competition.

4) Matt Ryan

Rankings: 1st

ESPN: 1st 1st

Has experience in pro style offenses. Good mobility in the pocket, and throws well on the run. Excellent intangibles. Media Darling. Prototypical height. Displays good touch on passes.

Weak arm strength. 19 interceptions this season is a huge red flag, as is the 59.3% accuracy. Has a history of foot injuries. Needs to eliminate his windup in his throwing motion.

Matt Ryan went from a 4th or 5th round pick to a first rounder with his performance this season. However, unlike most other outlets, I don't belive he's the best QB on the board. A lot of his accolades had more deserving canidates. Ryan was good, but he wasn't 1st team All-American level, nor was he the best senior QB, despite his winning the Manning Award. The media has whipped up a frenzy around him that somewhat overestimates his abilities. This will work to his favor when it comes to draft position, but it won't assist him on the field. He's similar to Cowboys QB Tony Romo, but a little taller, with a weaker arm, but the style of play is very similar.

5) John David Booty

Ratings: 8th

ESPN: 6th 6th

Worked well in the Pro offense of USC. Reads defenses and goes through his progressions very well. Solid Mechanics. Very Quick Release.

Average arm strength and size. Durability is a concern. Will never be a rushing threat. It's debatable how much he was benefited by the massive talent differential between USC and other teams.

JDB isn't significantly better than other options at this point. Erik Ainge or Chad Henne would be almost as good. What seperates them is Booty's accuracy and experience in the offense. Booty's style of play is very similar to Jake Delhomme.

The Guy You've Never Heard Of
Josh Johnson: A product of the University of San Diego, Johnson is essentially a Dennis Dixon Clone, and with Dixon coming off a torn ACL, Johnson might be the better option. He's a little light for the position, but is a solid passer, and good runner. He posted a strong showing in the East-West Shrine Game. Think Jeff Garcia.
But What About?
Dennis Dixon: Solid QB prospect, but with his reliance on his mobility, combined with his recent ACL tear, makes him a shaky pick at best.
Colt Brennan: System QB. Lacks arm strength, and is far too light to survive the NFL.
Matt Flynn: Too short, makes some very questionable throws, and got by more on the talent of the team, than his own.
Teams That Will Likely Pick a QB:
  • Chicago
  • Minnesotta
  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Tampa Bay
  • Carolina
  • Kansas City

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