Thursday, January 24, 2008

Favre to make his decision soon...

Brett Lorenzo Favre's legend was born with his first pass attempt with the Packers. On September 13th, 1992, Farve came in after Don Majikowski was sidelined against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Favre dropped back, looked downfield, and threw a bullet pass... which was promptly batted away by defensive end Ray Seals. In typical Favre-ian fashion, Brett grabbed the ball out of midair. Thus Brett Favre's first completion was to... Brett Favre.

Favre snatched that ball out of midair and ran with it. Though he didn't make it far on that play, he was tackled for a seven yard loss, Farve's momentum seems to have carried over into a career that has been replete with magical moments, from his first start, against the Bengals, which saw him take Kitrick Taylor, whom had no TD catches in his career, and hit him on a 35 yard frozen rope which snatched victory away from the 2-0 Bengals, and gave the Packers their first win of the season. That TD was the only one that Taylor ever caught, but it was just one of 442 that Brett Favre has thrown for the Green Bay Packers as he rewrote the record books, first those of the Packers, and recently those of the entire NFL.

Favre's magical run has taken him through 257 games, 22 playoff games, 4 Conference Championships, and 2 Super Bowls. It has seen him earn 9 Pro Bowl appearances, 7 division titles, 3 MVPs, 2 conference championships, and an NFL title. Brett Favre has set 6 career QB records thus far.

Of those records, by far the most impressive is his 237 straight games started. In a sport that will destroy a man's body like no other, Favre has been the constant fixture, an Ironman every bit as worthy of the title as Lou Gehrig or Cal Ripkin. Favre's ability to come back, despite all obstacles placed in his path speaks well of his love for the game, and that is what I like best about him. When Favre scores a TD, he's not one to "act like he's been there before" as Tom Landry once demanded of his players. Whenever he puts the ball in the endzone, he celebrates with the passion of a player who's scoring for the first time, and because of that joy, he's scored more than anyone else.
I'm bringing up Favre's beginnings, because he's about to make his decision about his future. Favre has gone on the record as saying that he will make his decision weather or not to retire within 7-10 days. I would love to see Favre sprint out onto the field next season. But if he decides to move on to the next phase of his life, I'd just like to wish him luck. And say Thank You.

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