Monday, February 4, 2008


Well, that was definitely one of the better Super Bowls I've ever seen. Eli Manning stepped up big time. He made it look like he was back at Ole Miss. Brady looked like his ankle was definetly bothering him, he fluttered a lot of his passes, but got lucky on some of those passes that went out of bounds. The Giants D-Line took advantage of the weak Patriots O-Line. The Patriots D-line got embassarased by the Giants O-line, and when they actually got past the line, Eli made them look like children. Randy Moss didn't show up at all, nor did Lawrence Maroney.

I'm not going to lie and say I called this one, I'm shocked with the Giant's game as well. However, I can appreciate the game the Giants played. Good D-line play is very enjoyable for me to watch, although most people don't appreciate it all the time.

Mercury Morris got his ass saved by the Giants. He still looks like an idiot, but now he doesn't have to deal with the brutal teasing he would have gotten.

The guy who does come off like a complete douche is Bill Bellichick. He didn't go for the field goal that would have tied it. He called some very questionable defenses. He didn't run the ball as much as he should have. And it appears Randy Moss rubbed off on him with his 1 second left dissapearing act.

David Tyree had the best Super Bowl Catch I've ever seen, move over Lynn Swann.

The important thing now is... Everyone's Undefeated. Bring on the Off-Season.

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